What started me writing novels?

Shortly before retirement, I became interested in my family history. I began by tracing as far as I could making use of the free Birth, Marriage and Death Index on the internet and in my local library. I then ordered a couple of certificates of birth and marriage of my grandparents. These gave me access to addresses and occupations. I wanted to know more. I was hooked and joined an internet genealogy site to enable me to view the full range of national census information. There were annoying gaps in some of the census data, so I paid a visit to an aged great aunt in Bolton who gave me valuable information. I followed this by a visit to Bolton family history library where some missing census records were found filed in a separate place as ‘flood damaged’. They were probably missed when they microfilmed the collection. After this small success, I fancied myself as a time detective. I was hooked and determined to go back as far as possible.

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