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Map of Germany showing border changes following WW2



I Have recently completed my latest book, working title ‘Run from the red tide’.

It is based on the true story of a working class family living in Brieg, in the far east of Germany.

The story begins in the latter years of World War 2 when Germany was suffering reversals of their previous successes on the eastern front.

At this time, they are a family seven inclusive of the parents. The key parts of the story revolve around the father Erwin Schröder, a Wehrmacht soldier fighting on the eastern front, his wife Elisabeth and their eldest daughter Lena.

Knowing that the Russians are advancing rapidly towards the border the ruling Nazi party forbade people to leave the area, deeming such acts tantamount to aiding the enemy by spreading panic.

This is exactly the situation they achieved when the population was only allowed to flee at the last minute when for most it was too late for trains as the rail infrastructure in the border area was severely disrupted by Russian bombing.

At the time civilians are finally permitted to flee the war zone, Lena is some 300 kilometres away to the north at a country school for teenage girls in  Schneidemühl, Elisabeth has given birth to another baby and Erwin is missing in action.

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