Battle of Kursk - Erwin at war

It was the summer of 1943. 258 Infantry Division was supporting the 46th Panzer Corps. Along with many other units to the south, they were trying to cut off a Russian salient protruding dangerously into German lines at Kursk in southern Russia. The German army was acting under a direct order from Adolf Hitler against the advice of his Generals who recommended that they regroup and form a new defensive line to give time for the arrival of new equipment and men make up for the heavy losses incurred during their retreat so far.

Extract from 'Run from the red tide.'

Erwin belonged to one of the three grenadier regiments in 258 Infantry Division, which also comprised Fusiliers, Artillery, Tank destroyers, pioneers, and supply units for all these, even a news office. He had no idea what the supposed purpose of the news department was, as from experience when he was on leave, very little of what actually happened ever appeared in the newspapers at home.

Image Attribution: Bundesarchiv, Bild 101III-Merz-014-12A / Merz / CC-BY-SA 3.0  

Tanks at the battle of Kursk.


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