The Schröder family.
'Run from the red tide’ concerns the fortunes of a working-class family living in Eastern Germany. Set in the period between 1943 and 1950, it covers the fall of the German Third Reich to the allied armies.The story begins with the family in Brieg, Lower Silesia. It tells a dramatised, fact-based account, of their working class but comparatively comfortable wartime lives, albeit in the absence of the breadwinner Erwin who had been conscripted into the army since 1939.  Erwin sees his friends dying alongside him on the battlefield, while his family experience terrifying experiences in the latter days of the war, and the early post-war period.Although the whole family with their six children feature, the narrative is seen mainly from the viewpoints of Erwin, his wife Elizabeth and their eldest daughter Lena.


With a chronological draft of the main points of my book, my next task was to conduct an in depth research of aspects of the German army. particularly the regiment to which ‘Erwin’ had been attached. I was able to confirm his movements, as told to me by him and his daughter ‘Lena’, by locating his regimental history on the German language version of an internet site, (the translation on the English site being of such poor quality that it rendered parts of the text unreadable). There were many other research matters regarding locations and local laws that were also better researched by posing the question in German. Each stage was crosschecked with ‘Lena’ for verification of timing and accuracy.

At last I was ready to select a working title ‘RUN FROM THE RED TIDE’ and begin writing my first chapter.  Quickly realising that the fluidity of borders and changes of ownership of areas of Germany following the end of WW2 could cause some confusion for the reader, I decided to add some explanatory maps and a foreword.

What Next.

With my trilogy published, I allowed some time for gardening and relaxation whilst considering my next book, to be based upon the true story of a family living in East Germany at the outbreak of World War Two.

The project that I had had in mind for some considerable time was largely dependent on my memory of conversations with a late close friend ‘Erwin,’ who served as a grenadier in the German army in the Second World War. With those memories and discussions with one of his daughter’s, ‘Lena,’ who was initially reluctant to recall her experiences, I determined to set out a story plan.

I documented the events chronologically and began to build the first short draft of my next novel, based on the true story of this German family’s experience, during and beyond the war.

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